Marmaris Turkish Bath

What will happen to my suntan after Turkish Bath?

   There is absolutely no need to worry about your suntan. Main point of Marmaris Turkish Bath is to clean your skin and get rid of the dead skin.

Marmaris Turkish Bath means oil massage


Why do i need to do it on my first day?

   We always recommend Marmaris Turkish Bath on first day of your holiday. Because after Turkish Bath your skin will be clean and you will be able to get rid of dead skin. That means you will have a better suntan.

Marmaris Turkish Bath means a new brand ten

What about my children?

   There is always fun for your children in Marmaris Turkish Bath. Foam massage always seems very interesting for the kids. They will also like the atmosphere of the Turkish Bath.

Marmaris Turkish Bath sould be gone first day of your holiday

Oil Massage:

   You will have 20 minutes oil massage at the end of Turkish Bath. You will be feeling like newborn and fresh after the oil massage. You are ready to lie down under the sun to have good suntan after Marmaris Turkish Bath.

Marmaris Turkish Bath means foam massage

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Marmaris Turkish Bath

   When you visit Marmaris, Marmaris Turkish Bath must be in your ‘ to do list’. This excursion going to be a good start of your holiday. If you start your holiday with this excursion, you can get rid of your dead skin and you can keep your suntan longer. Oil massage is included to Marmaris Turkish Bath. We have female masseurs for ladies and male masseurs for men. So you can join to this excursion with your family.

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tikSauna – Foam Massage – Scrub

Sauna, hamam, scrub, foam massage, 15 minutes oil massage are included to Marmaris Turkish Bath programme. You will be feeling different and fresh after Turkish Bath.

   Marmaris Turkish Bath tour takes 2 hours with pick up and drop back. Hamam staff will give you all information about how the programme will start and where you can change. They will give you a key for the locker where you can keep your belongings. You can keep the key during your Turkish Bath programme. They will give you also slipper and pestemal. Pestemal is a kind of Turkish Towel which is using in Turkish Bath.You can wrap it over your swimsuit. If you want you can go into Hamam with pestemal with your swimsuit or, you can go into hamam only with pestemal without your swimsuit. It is up to you. When you go into hamam , you will see marble-sitting in the middle of hamam where you can lie down on it. It is warm and you need to lie down on it to let your skin softer.

   After you wait on the warm marble platform masseurs will come to make scrub and foam massage. You can take shower or keep taking bath after foam massage. You will end your Marmaris Turkish Bath trip with oil massage. Oil massage will take 15 minutes which is included to price. If you want more time for massage please inform us to buy as extra.

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tikAvailable Days: Everyday

tikDont Forget: Swimsuit, Camera, Shampoo

tikRestrictions: We don’t recommend to guests who has asthma.

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Swimsuit - Camera - Shampoo
We are not recommeding to guest who has asthma.

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