Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Tour

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   Cleopatra Island is famous for  beach made of silky smooth white sand all over. This beach is so special and underprotection by the goverment.This sandy beach is made up very tiny sand like empty seashells and took millions of years formation of  the beach.You can not take any sand with you while  you leave the beach. And also it is not allowed to take towels on to the beach as the sand sticks on to the towel.

   There is a legendary story about the beach based on Queen Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony.The legend goes like this;the island was the meeting place for Queen Cleopatra and  and Mark Anthony. Cleopatra wanted him this little secluded island to be her secret paradise.According to the legend Mark Anthony took white sand brought from Egypt for their secret love island as present and made surprise for Cleopatra.

  This sand is so amazing it makes you feel like walking on the cloud. This sand is so unique that it can not be found any other place else in the world.It is also believed that this sand reproduces itself.The area around island is covered with pine trees and rocky seashore.And also there some ruins from Kedrai ancient city…

Marmaris Cleopatra Boat Trip has amazing nature


   Gökova Gulf is lying on the south coast of Bodrum peninsula and on the north of Datca peninsula,in Mugla,Gökova is a charmin corner of Turkey offering so nice views with fascinating combinations of colors. Pretty seashore covered with forests offer variety tone of green, while the sea has a wide range of blues. If you would like to have a fantastic day with beauties of Gökova, there are many opportunities to sail along these coastlines, and a boat trip on this gulf will make your holiday as beautiful as the place itself.

   Gokova Gulf is a so popular destination for for everybody who would lite to join any blue cruise, Gulet and bareboat charters.Also there are some archaeological ruins around the Gökova, such as Ceramus near Oren town and Cedrae in Sedir island.

Marmaris Cleopatra Boat Trip is family excursion

Lunch included - Drinks extra
English Guiding - FULL INSURANCE - Lunch - Transportation - Boat Trip - Entrance fee of Cleopatra Island
Drinks - Personal Expenditures

Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Tour

   There is a wide variety of boat trips around Marmaris that you can join. Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Tour is not only a boat trip but also an exploration for you. During the day you will be sailing in Gökova Gulf where is so popular with color of nature and sea.3-4 different swimming break and nearly 3 hours free time on the Cleopatra Island which is unique with its special beach.It is a corner of heaven and will be a good memory for you.

tikHotel Transfer                                                             imagesDrinks

tikFull Insurance                                                             imagesTips

tikEnglish Guiding                                                          imagesPersonal Expenditures

tikBoat Trip

tikEntrance Fee of Cleopatra Island


   We will sail to İncekum beach first to have a good time in the sea. After that we are going to sail and stop in front of Cleopatra Island and have lunch there. We are going to have about 2 hours free time there. You can swim with the history and enjoy the time with the beautiful nature. When we leave from island we are going to Lacivert Bay to have another swim break. You will love the color of the sea. After that we will go back to Marmaris.

   While you are preparing for Marmaris Cleopatra Island Boat Tour  remember to have your sun glasses, sun cream, swimsuits, towel, camera and diving goggles. You might not understand sun burns on a day with sun and wind so thats why it is so important have protection on your skin. Cleopatra Island boat trip is on Gökova Gulf where underwater life is beautiful and the color of the sea is perfect. Thats why you might want to have your diving goggles with you to see underwater and explore a little bit more of these beautiful bays.

   Gökova Gulf also has a mermaid history which you will hear from our licenced and experienced local guide on the boat.

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tikAvailable Days: Every Day

tikDont Forget:Sun cream , Towel, Sun glasses, Swimsuits, Cameras

tikRestrictions: There are some rules which you need to follow about the Cleoptra Island. Our guide will tell you on the excursion day.


09 : 00
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
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2017-04-01 : 2017-09-30
Sun cream , Towel, Sun glasses, Swimsuits, Cameras

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